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The biggest growth of online media is video content, and TV commercials are still going strong. It's a no brainer to create video content in today's world, afterall the second biggest search engine after Google is YouTube! A good video can set a tone for your brand, introduce an amazing new product, or interact greatly with customers.

Our Process

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  • Set Objectives

    The first step is identifying the type of video to produce, who it is meant for, and where it needs to show. We then establish goals, and performance indicators for the campaign. This is essential to create a video that well planned.

  • Decide Core Message

    Whether the video is for TV or web, we need to establish the content and message of it, how it needs to engage your audience, and what action you want the audience to take after watching it.

  • Develop Creative & Story

    Our creatives then create a visual board, and develop the story and concept. Here we want to combine your brand and make sure the messaging is coming across so that it leaves no room for alternative interpretation other than its intended goal.

  • Script & Storyboard

    The next step is going in the detail of scripting the actual language used in the video. We create detailed storyboard depicting scene transitions, and script the commercial visually before we get to filming.

  • Film, Animate & Edit

    Once the script and storyboard are confirmed we start filming, animating and designing the video campaign. Our team handle the equipment, location scouting and actor sourcing. Once filmed we edit into the final product and send to you for approval and feedback. We will do fine tuning to make sure you are satisfied with the end product.

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