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Email Template Design

Design for your brand and to convert

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One of the most effective ways to reach an audience is through email marketing. People who subscribe to email updates are clearly showing an interest in communication with your brand, so let's design an email template that can work to improve interaction and conversion rate.

Our Process

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  • Creative

    We start off by assessing your campaign requirements, coming up with a range of different styles and concepts to use. We will then present these ideas to you, listen to your feedback and implement changes so your email template will feel and look exactly like you pictured.

  • Content

    We will then craft the content for your new email template. Creating subject lines, body content and CTAs that catch the reader’s eye and elicits an action from them, whether that action is reading your latest article or buying your new product.

  • Design

    Our in-house design team will place the content into stunning designs that complement the engaging content, creating an irresistible email that is fit for purpose and highly functional.

  • Test

    We then test the design, ensuring the every pixel is in the correct place on each device. We will then take the testing feedback, implement any changes needed and either send to our development team, or package it up and send it to you.

Why Brand and Pepper


Aesthetic and functional design are at the core of all that we do.


The work we do is bespoke and specific to your business and industry.


Support is a core aspect of our relationship with a dedicated account manager.


We want to guide you on the best approach and help you grow your business.