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Email Marketing

Personalise customer communication with email

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Email marketing is quite possibly the one of the best ways to connect with customers and subscribers to generate leads and build lasting and rewarding relationships. By ensuring email campaigns are designed well and mailing lists are well taken care of, you can guarantee that your campaign won’t land in the spam folder.

Our Process

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  • Creative

    The first step is identifying how the emails will be used, and the type of design that is needed. Whether you are planning a newsletter, a promotional email, or a regular update message, you need the creative to match.

  • Content

    The content will need to serve it’s objective, much like the design mentioned above. Creating subject lines with high click through rates, content that resonates and offers value to the reader.

  • Design

    Based on the creative and content we then create a design that fits your brand and which looks great. Our design is built to be both aesthetically great, and functional to increase user engagement.

  • Code

    Depending on the email platform being used, we might need to either create the email in the platform itself, or create the code for it. We build email templates to be responsive to work on both mobile and desktop, and test it on popular email providers.

  • Data

    Segmenting data and cleaning up your contact list on a frequent basis is important to maintain a good delivery rate. This in turn improves your email marketing health, and reporting data on an updated contact list provides a better perspective.

  • Test

    We make sure your email is served correctly on the most popular email clients and devices. This ensure design and content are showing as they are meant to, and that your readers will receive the email as intended.

Why Email Campaign

Why Brand and Pepper


Aesthetic and functional design are at the core of all that we do.


The work we do is bespoke and specific to your business and industry.


Support is a core aspect of our relationship with a dedicated account manager.


We want to guide you on the best approach and help you grow your business.