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Digital Campaigns

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There are 3.8bn people online, a number that is growing with every passing second. Our digital campaigns are crafted to be functional and reach your target audience with maximum efficiency. We have a wealth of experience on a wide array of channels, meaning your digital campaign is in good hands.

Our Process

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  • Concept

    We start the process with a brainstorming session, throwing all our ideas for your digital campaign into the melting pot. Eventually, we boil these ideas down to a handful of solid concepts that incorporate a mixture of different ingredients and styles.

  • Design

    Once the concept has been approved, we will start designing your new digital campaign. Our expert designers will create stunning visual artworks that capture the viewer’s eye and pulls them in. Creating every size, shape and style for the various platforms your campaign will run on, our designers put love, care and attention to detail into every pixel that is in your digital advert.

  • Launch

    Once you are happy with the designs, we will launch your campaign across the various channels we had set out in the concept stage. Whilst it is live we will continue to monitor the campaign and make tweaks here and there to ensure you get the best results possible, leading to maximum conversions.

  • Collect Data

    Periodically, we will collect campaign data, such as bounce rate, successful conversions, overall traffic and unique users. We do this both, when the campaign is live, and after the campaign.

  • Analyse Data

    Once we have harvested the data, we pull it apart, analysing every single row. We do this so we can gain a deeper understanding into what worked well and what didn’t work so well. This enables us to fully understand the user path and how people interacted with your digital campaign.

  • Optimise Campaign

    Once we have analysed all the data and gathered our conclusions, we will begin optimising your campaign to make it as efficient as possible, leading to a greater number of conversions and a better overall campaign ROI.

Why a Digital Campaign?

Why Brand and Pepper


Aesthetic and functional design are at the core of all that we do.


The work we do is bespoke and specific to your business and industry.


Support is a core aspect of our relationship with a dedicated account manager.


We want to guide you on the best approach and help you grow your business.