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Campaign Management

Create, monitor and optimise your campaigns

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Campaign management is all about reacting to the market, and how your campaign is performing. Digital channels give us the opportunity to tweak a campaign, and constantly improve its performance to get the best results possible. This is normally the hardest part of the campaign, since it's not always apparent if something is going wrong - however our team can guide you or manage the campaign for you.

Our Process

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  • Strategy

    We start off by creating a campaign strategy, and plan how the campaign will work towards achieving its goal. This will set the blueprint for the campaign, and make sure that all campaign actions are following the goals.

  • Channel Selection

    Identifying the channels to market on follows the strategy, as we understand the channels your audience visits, and how to best reach them. The channel strategy can adapt during campaign management if something changes or new comes along.

  • Design

    Creating your campaign requires great design work, and we have experts in digital and offline design, as well as animation. Depending on the campaign and it’s objectives, we’ll create design that works.

  • Optimise

    Once the campaign starts we will regularly monitor performance and update as necessary to get the best performance out of the adverts.

  • Review

    Once the campaign finishes, we go through a retrospective exercise to review the results. We want to understand what worked, what hasn’t, and what the way forward is for the next campaigns.

Services We Offer

Why Brand and Pepper


Aesthetic and functional design are at the core of all that we do.


The work we do is bespoke and specific to your business and industry.


Support is a core aspect of our relationship with a dedicated account manager.


We want to guide you on the best approach and help you grow your business.