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Marion Mizzi

Designing and Developing a website for Malta’s Leading Wellbeing Brand

The challenge

Marion Mizzi, a prominent Maltese well-being brand, came to Brand & Pepper to revamp their online presence with a fresh new website. The main goal driving this project was redesigning their website to make the user experience easier. That meant better design to find information about treatments, locations, programmes, and products, and subsequently making it easy to get in touch.

Project Overview

It’s no easy feat to build a website for a leading wellbeing brand, especially when there are various aspects to the business. Marion Mizzi has two business areas, Slimming and Spa, which are aimed at different customers entirely, yet fall under the same brand. There were various approaches that we could have taken, however we opted for one that works best for the potential customer visiting the page. Upon loading the customer is provided an option to choose either Slimming or Spa, with the key products and services also shown at homepage level. This communicates the two aspects of the business in a useful way and simplifies navigation.
We opted for a pastel colour palette to soften the brand feel and convey relaxation and peace. This was a core part of the project since we needed to rejuvenate the brand for the web. The design was inspired by the brand image, and we created an icon style to match. The structure and functionality was prioritised to give websites visitors an easy experience, and make it easy to choose products and services. We also optimised the website structure to improve navigation, and make the website easily accessible to search engines. This would help website discovery since it would be optimised for organic search.

WordPress Development

At the heart of this project is one of the best open source content management systems (CMS). Marion Mizzi wanted the ability to update content, add new products and treatments on their own.

WordPress is well renowned as the most user friendly CMS available, amongst other benefits.

By developing on WordPress we opened the ability for Marion Mizzi’s team to add new features and customise the website long after we had delivered it thanks to the vast range of plugins available.



Since the launch of the new website, Marion Mizzi has recorded 3,837 unique users across both Slimming and Spa, and over half of these users are from mobile devices (56% mobile and tablet combined).

This highlights the importance of designing website mobile first and ensuring to develop the mobile site with care and attention.


The website has received 35,812 total page views, which roughly equates an average of 6.7 pages per user.

This highlights that users are discovering information they require, and this can be attributed to the content optimisation that we implemented for the website.

If users were not finding the content they require, this number would be significantly lower.

Inbound marketing, more specifically search engine optimisation, was responsible for 53.93% of all traffic across the entire website.

These users found the Marion Mizzi website directly from search engines, and highlights the value and importance of correctly optimising content and website code.


Responsive Platform which enables the user a seamless experience from desktop to mobile.
Custom Design of new website with a contemporary twist
Customisable content through custom fields makes adding content easy and straightforward for any user
Highly optimised content, making it easier to find online
All in one Slimming & Spa Portal, including both a hair and gym landing page
Efficient URL structure which helps navigation, enhances speed and user experience.

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