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Get to know Brand & Pepper

Here’s what we do, and how we started!

We are a team of marketing professionals, working in development, design, and marketing. Together we make Brand and Pepper, a curious and passionate marketing agency that wants to create meaningful experiences for its customers.


We love what we do, and we're always looking to explore new trends and technology to improve the work we do and deliver. This love for our craft translates into great projects that are well design, and properly executed.


We're all experts in our own fields, and come from different working backgrounds, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that gives us an edge in a variety of projects. We can work in various industries and meet a variety of marketing requirements.


Great projects need good design that is both defining and functional to the business. Each brand has a different look and feel, and business goals are often company specific. We create design that reflects this and works for individual companies.


The projects we deliver need to be right. By this we mean that we don't believe in taking shortcuts that sacrifice on the quality of work. We want excellent work put out under our name, but most of all we want our clients happy with what we deliver.


When you come to our agency for advice and expertise in marketing we plan to recommend the best approach and be pro-active. This might not always be the easiest and cheapest, but we focus on results driven action that can help your business in the long-term.


Our objective is to deliver the very best to our customer. We strive to push the limits of design, development and marketing to be at the forefront of customer experiences and brands. We're constantly improving and delivering best in class projects.

The Spice Route

Our Roots

Brand & Pepper started life at the core of Calamatta Cuschieri, providing all in-house marketing services, which contributed to great success and phenomenal growth – making Calamatta Cuschieri the most successful financial story in Malta. With a start in offline marketing, and embracing digital, we have created some of the most memorable campaigns on the island, such as the Helping You Grow Since 1972 commercial. We have consistently increased customer satisfaction and delivered tangible business results.


From a small group of people we grew to include a healthy mix of designers, business intelligence analytics, strategy consultants, software developers, and digital marketers. With such a mix we can offer 360 marketing services that can include offline and online activities, as well as outdoor, PR, and software development; making us one of the most complete marketing agencies in Malta.


Each individual at Brand and Pepper is specialised in their area, be it design, development, or marketing. Together we work as a unit to provide a complete project to our customers. We give a lot of importance to the customer on an individual level, and ensure dedicated attention per project. With a mix of skills, and offering 360 marketing, you can rest assured that we will look at your campaigns holistically, and recommend the best approach to reach the desired customer base.

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