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How we increased traffic by 70% & conversions by 22% for an award winning trading platform

The challenge

CCTrader, an online trading platform, approached Brand & Pepper to develop and implement a digital strategy to raise awareness of the platform, on board new customers, and increase active clients who use the platform as their primary trading destination.

The Plan

The largest challenge we had to overcome with this award winning trading platform was creating a story that resonates with the variety of customers that use the application. With a balance of inbound and outbound marketing activities, we were able to reach the right customers to achieve CCTrader’s goals.

Organic search was always a key component of our inbound strategy for CCTrader, so we optimised website pages and content to make sure that whoever visits the website is finding information relevant to their search. In addition to revising all the content of the website, we also implemented a number of technical fixes to the website to improve user experience, such as better URL structures to help navigation, and code optimisation to improve website speed.

We began by performing a website audit, analysing weak pages, optimising for keywords that our target audience was using, and finding opportunities to improve and simplify the customer on-boarding process. This enabled us to create a solid platform to launch the campaign from.

Online only platforms tend to fall prey to lack of communication with customers as typically there is no face-to-face, or human-to-human interaction. By implementing a live chat application on CCTrader, customers could get in touch with a representative from CCTrader who would answer their questions and provided live support. We also streamlined the on-boarding making it smoother and shorter so it’s easier for the customer to register for a CCTrader account, resulting in a 22% increase in sign-ups.

MSE Campaign

CCTrader was the first, and remains the only online trading platform where users can trade the Malta Stock Exchange live.

To promote this unique feature, we created a campaign using Google display, and email campaign.

People who clicked on the promotion were directed to a custom landing page that was tailored to specific ad groups with the goal of increasing conversions and provide key information to potential customers.

Bitcoin & Ethereum Tracker Campaign

CCTrader added the ability to invest in Bitcoin & Ethereum tracking funds, a safe and secure way to invest in two of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

We implemented a search ad campaign to support this initiative, guiding people interested in crypto to an informative post, and subsequently to CCTrader. This ensured that the people looking for crypto investment were sufficiently informed about the product offered.


Following the successful implementation of our digital marketing efforts, conversions have increased by 21.76% when compared to the same time period a year previous. This increase can be attributed to:

  • A new website structure and internal linking
  • Search optimisation of the website pages so users can gain access to more relevant and faster content
  • The streamlining of the on-boarding process


Since the launch of the campaign, CCTrader recorded a 69.87% increase in sessions, 8.61% increase in new users, and a 107.56% increase in average session duration on their website.

One of CCTrader’s key goals was to increase web traffic on mobile devices, which since the beginning of the campaign is up by 99.67%.

Desktop traffic had increased by 29.22% and tablet traffic by 86.53%. In addition to increases in traffic, during the campaign user retention also increased by 78.6%.


Part of the inbound marketing strategy for CCTrader included search engine optimisation.

Content optimisation was implemented throughout the website, ensuring all content was informative, well written and keyword rich.This helps search engines to deliver the most relevant pages of CCTrader’s website to web users who search for the keywords included on their website.

This combination of SEO tweaks enhance the site’s overall ranking for related and relevant keywords, ensuring the website is delivered to web users who are of value to the company in terms of potential leads.

PPC Campaigns

We implemented a PPC campaign for CCTrader to enhance and grow awareness of the trading platform by creating multiple ad groups within each of the chosen PPC platforms. In each of these ad groups, multiple artwork styles were created for A/B testing purposes.

The PPC campaigns helped to boost SEO efforts as the data showed ad sets and keywords that were working better than others, so the SEO campaign was adjusted accordingly.

This gave CCTrader’s SEO campaign a major advantage as PPC delivers results in a much shorter timeframe, meaning adaptations could be made and implemented to the SEO strategy within days as opposed to months.

App Store Optimisation

To increase the total mobile application downloads for CCTrader, we optimised the app store pages for the CCTrader mobile application.

This included a more detailed description to highlight the key features of the application, as well as explain the latest update features.

Since implementing these changes, CCTrader has increased app downloads from the iOS store by 33% and a 90% increase in app sessions, when compared to the same time period a year previous.

Responsive Platform which enables the user a seamless experience from desktop to mobile

Custom Design of new website with a contemporary twist

Customisable content through custom fields makes adding content easy and straightforward for any user

Highly optimised content, making it easier to find online

Crisp, fresh and minimal design that won’t look dated

Efficient URL structure which helps navigation, enhances speed and user experience

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